Hi from [livejournal.com profile] ladystarlightsj and me, from somewhere in Washington between Oregon and Spokane!! Hee!

From: [identity profile] midnightsjane.livejournal.com

*waves like crazy*
You two are like Thelma and Louise!
only without the going over the cliff, and blowing things up, and Brad Pitt..
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From: [identity profile] atpolittlebit.livejournal.com

I have got to do this again.

Y'know, after I get home from this time and do laundry.

LadyS says it's okay to keep Brad Pitt.

From: [identity profile] midnightsjane.livejournal.com

Next time you do this, I wanna come too.
we could bring Brad along, no problem

From: [identity profile] zargon10.livejournal.com

somewhere in between, are you not quite sure where you are again or is it your destination you haven't found yet? hehehehehe


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