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( Jun. 12th, 2008 10:39 pm)
Hi from [ profile] ladystarlightsj and me, from somewhere in Washington between Oregon and Spokane!! Hee!
On Sunday, [ profile] ladystarlightsj and I had lunch at Darby's Pub. Darby wasn't there at the time, but we did find Graffiti in the ladies' room. We didn't ask why.
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( Jun. 10th, 2008 03:04 am)
Apparently Portland is only 8 miles from Vancouver. It seemed farther when we were driving it.

Tomorrow, Powell's Books!! Whee!!!
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( Jun. 9th, 2007 10:47 pm)
I have been Welcomed to Ontario!!

Am back from my week in DC/Maryland with, as usual, a lot of photos to get resized and posted, at which point I shall picspampost. For the first few days I thought I was in an AU DC because I was not accustomed to clear blue, very blue, skies and white fluffy clouds there.

And see what happends when cats and Firefly/Serenity collide.
Photos from my NYC trip:

Getting there: Niagara Falls

There: New York City

Leaving there: Toronto

Enter at your own risk. *g*
I love Chicago.

Field Museum. Shedd Aquarium. Adler Planetarium. Art Institute.

And Anneth, who is a total sweetie. And zargon, who needs get-well-soon wishes.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2005 12:28 am)
I'm in Chicago!!! w00t!!

And 8 days to NYC!! Woo hoo!!
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( Oct. 23rd, 2004 02:21 am)
Where I went for my birthday.

And what I saw there.
...except when I finally go to visit. Having flown there with my hubby to surprise his brother on his 50th birthday (April 2), we walk out of the airport to find the temperature in the 60's (°F) and a heavy slanting rain. Hot. Yup. Dry. Yuh huh. Waiting until the slant changed from a 30° angle to more or less straight down, we acquired our rental car (which was upgraded to 'luxury' at no extra cost primarily because (I think) the person assigning the cars didn't want to go out in the rain to see what was available in the class we'd contracted) and headed up to the restaurant. We were early, so we were able to make sure things were set up the way his wife wanted it for the dinner. He was, upon arrival, suitably surprised. So, enough about why the Arizona trip happened...on to the stuff we did )
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( Apr. 6th, 2003 09:01 pm)
Back to Ohio from Maryland after a very enjoyable weekend. The scenery today was painted with a misted pallette of soft grays, muted greens and golds, rusted reds and a pale blue wash across the sky, with periodic explosions of gossamer pink cherry blossoms, froths of forsythia snd magnificent magnolias.

One very satisfying moment: someone in a greater hurry than I was attemped to push me past a truck on an uphill grade ... I finally accelerated (not being willing to invite him into my trunk), passed the truck at about 80 mph, moved over and slowed back down. The driver of the candy-apple red sportscar then opened the passenger window so I couldn't miss his gesture of appreciation. As he was concentrating on closing the window and resuming hte speed he preferred, I noticed the state trooper in his car, just lowering the radar gun and watching the window go back up. In the reaer view mirror I saw him pull onto the road and then he passed me on his way somewhere ... I wonder where? When he got behind the sportscar and turned his lights on, I admit I laughed evilly out loud, "Bwaahahahaaaa!" and mentally gave him a merry wave as I went past. Sometimes things do work.
Drove from Ohio to DC this afternoon and evening. The afternoon sunlight show was spectacular, with gilded grasses and highlighted trees, glowing greens and heightened shadows. Then followed by nightfall's dance of the seven veils, starting with the gossamer rose, then adding the lavenders and deepening purples to the midnight blue and finally light-spangled black settling over all the others.
Drove from northern Michigan to mid-Ohio yesterday and saw the early signs of spring. Lovely orange cone flowers springing up along the roadsides, some full orange, some orange and white striped with Lampyridae Pyropyga Giganticus with large amber fire rumps and no wings. The large yellow dragons were nesting off to the side of the road. But I'm afraid they'll be encroaching soon and the constriction zones will proliferate.

The expected wild life was spotted: horses, cows, sheep, dogs, llamas, goats, crows, buzzards, hawks and even a few red-winged blackbirds. And an occasional unexpected like the bison. Otherwise, uneventful and nice drive.