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2011-01-30 11:41 am

Birthday alert!

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] scrollgirl!!
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2009-08-13 10:53 pm
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Clearing off the dust...

Ever go through one of those periods where there's just 'stuff' going on in life, but there's nothing really to be said about it so you say nothing and one day you realize it's be a while since you said anything? Me, too.

So how is everyone?
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2009-06-07 10:41 pm
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Sign of the Times

During the last hour of the drive to Michigan, the part off-freeway:

97 For Sale real estate signs. 97.

The usual average is maybe 20some.
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2009-04-21 12:22 pm
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Just Change It?

A week or so ago you may recall a news item about a Texas State Representative who suggested that Asian-Americans should change their names because they're too hard to pronounce and came under some major outrage and mockery for this.

The irony, it burns.
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2009-04-18 12:21 am
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Crossover Fic idea

I swear I get the best ones of these!

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Left Behind and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The story should use martial arts as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

The last time I did this it was Lord of the Rings and Muppet Babies, living on a farm. And all I could think of was "Farmer Giles of Ham".
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2009-04-16 01:21 am
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Animation Movie Meme

(from [ profile] zuisa)

- X what you saw
- O what you haven't finished/saw sizable portions
- Bold what you loved
- Strike for what you disliked/hated
- Leave unchanged if neutral

Okay, let's be honest. I have the entire Disney collection which includes everything listed here (yes, I mean Song of the South), the ones not listed here, the animated shorts and the combination animation/live action ones. Let's just assume I have seen and liked them. *self-confessed Disney geek which does not mean that one agrees with everything the company has done*

And now: the meme )
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2009-04-03 07:20 pm
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Calling Intarweb Lawyers!

Why your publisher, which is you, should seek a better Internet Lawyer than the current legal counsel, which is you:

As for her publisher, AV Paranormal, their official statement in regards to accusations of copyright infringement is as follows:

"When fictional characters become such an intricate part of the popular psyche, as is the case with the Twilight Saga, legal boundaries become blurred, and copyright laws become increasingly difficult to define. This is especially the case when actual cities like Forks and Volterra are used as the novel's settings. Such settings are not copyrightable, as they are considered public domain. Similarly, the Quileute Nation is also not copyrightable, and neither are vampire or werewolf legends. Copyright laws protect writers from unauthorized reproductions of their work, but such reproductions only include verbatim copying. Characters are only copyrightable if their creator draws them or hires an artist to draw them. Stephenie Meyer herself borrowed a great deal from previous works dealing with these mythologies."

The full story here.
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2009-02-20 10:48 am
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Spam, spam, glorious -- and apparently tasty -- spam!

I am inordinately amused that the gmail sponsored link on my spam filter is invariably a recipe for spam.

This morning: Spam Confetti Pasta!

Make and fling!! (No cleanup suggestions, though).
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2009-02-09 12:25 pm
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I'm still never gonna be in a focus group

I think this book really needs a photo and description. I mean, there has to be solid gold involved somehow, doesn't there?
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2009-02-06 11:11 pm
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Image of the Day: White Stuff

Had the roof shoveled. This is the snow pile it created. Luckily my nice handyman was good enough to also shovel a pathway so I can get out.

Good thing I like snow.
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2009-01-24 01:41 am
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Thundering Herds

There are elephants galumping loudly around my house but every time I look for them they disguise themselves as cats.
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2009-01-20 12:52 pm
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Change Has Come

The official White House web page:

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2009-01-20 09:41 am
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Watching the inaugural activities I realized that the last time I'd heard the President's inaugural address live it included the words:

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."

Huh. Thinking thinky thoughts.
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2009-01-01 12:54 am
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Happy New Year

Hope it's a good one!
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2008-12-25 11:28 am
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I think there's a holiday somewhere around here?

To all my online friends:

Joy to the World

Wishing you all peace on Earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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2008-12-16 10:50 pm
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Knitting vs. Crocheting

Joss Whedon on Crafts and Craftiness:

"It's an age-old war. Like the werewolves and the vampires. I think Underworld was actually originally about crocheters and knitters but they thought it would be too controversial so they changed it to vampires and werewolves."
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2008-12-14 07:15 pm
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2008-12-11 10:55 pm
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Sparkly Blondie Bear?

Bizarre but funny fleeting thought...

Imagine the conversation between Spike and Harmony over Twilight.
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2008-12-08 10:30 am
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2008-12-07 04:05 pm
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Cocoa, anyone?

Having been reminded by [ profile] deevalish, I have decorated for Christmas.