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([personal profile] littlebitca Jun. 10th, 2008 03:04 am)
Apparently Portland is only 8 miles from Vancouver. It seemed farther when we were driving it.

Tomorrow, Powell's Books!! Whee!!!

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Alas there's no Midnight's Jane in that Vancouver, but I suppose the better view of Mt. Hood (when you can see it) is a consolation. When my Aunt lived in the balmy Vancouver south of the border, she said it rained all the time, so it's got that going for it. ;o)

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I ADORE that icon for your road trip. I just picture the two of you, years (and years!) from now, still doin' the BFFFs-hit-the-road routine.

IT WAS SO FANTASTIC SEEING YOU AND MEETING BFFJILL! (I swear, that's how I'm going to always think of you now, LB and BFFJill) I wanna hear about the pilgrimage to Powells!

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So next year you're coming to Amsterdam, right? Since Jeroen already said after our so-bad-we-actually-kissed-the-ground-when-we-got-home-we-were-so-happy-trip that he doesn't want to go back to the US for a long time.....:(

And Powell's whoo hooo! I've only ordered online when they have the obscure books that I'm looking for :) Did you have See's Candy while you're in the west? Or you were too spoiled from the Belgian chocolates that LadyS may or may not have heard about :D And were there any left for poor Masq who really sounded liked she needed a pound of them for her own!

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ack, you'd think I would remember more about my own chocolates which were not Belgian which are indeed fabulous but only if you buy them fresh made in the little stores in Belgium, but actual Dutch handmade chocolates, though only available in the South of the country, ie not where we are. Of course if you come, the chocolate tour will include the South and also Belgium I believe.....Brugge, Ghent, etc :)I think there is also a chocolate museum somewhere. You know, for when you get tired of looking at Old Master's Paintings, historic architecture, and the red light district. :)

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Woo-HOO! Powell's Books!! And you're there already. That was quick.

But, um, who the heck is BFFJill? I'm so confused.

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It's from a cell phone commercial where the mom is complaining about the daughter ignoring everyone because she's sending text messages and then turns to the grandmother and asks "and who are you texting to all the time?!" and the grandmother answers "idk my BFF Jill?" (as in "aye dee kay my bee eff eff Jill").

LadyS is my BFF JILL. (Best Friend Forever)

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THANK you! I've actually seen that commercial, but I didn't remember the name that the grandma used for her Best Friend Forever, lol!

Couldn't figure out why LadyS had changed her name to Jill...



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